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Eastburn played basketball, baseball and football in schooI.

"I used to play football until my friends used me as the football. That spiral thing was killer," jokes Eastburn.

He also became an accomplished wrestler at John Glenn High School in northern Indiana where he earned the nickname the "Stub."

"Most of the opponents that I beat were almost sheer surprise, recalls Eastburn. "You didn't want to wrestle the stub. You didn't want to because he's gonna hurt you."

Eastburn is comfortable on stage after spending years touring the country as a motivational speaker.

"I want you to understand that handicaps are not what they appear to be. Just because someone looks like they may be handicapped, doesn't mean that they necessarily are," Eastburn told a group of students in 2005. "You can do anything that you want to do," Eastburn tells the students gathered for an assembly.

Now at the age of 37, the "Stub" finds joy doing comedy shows and corporate shows across the country making people laugh until their sides hurt. Eastburn has earned the respect of his fellow comedians.

"I'm always chiding Brett saying why do you have to play that handicap card, come on," jokes Lundorf. "That's what makes him unique as a comic. If I had a sense of humor as good as Brett's, I would cut my arms and legs off," jokes Lundorf.

"When you're on, it just doesn't get anymore fun than that. It's highly addictive," says Eastburn. "Many times I've been told that I'm a hard act to follow. I like the stage, I like being up there. It's a comfortable place to be."

"The fact that I can go out there and be funny with my life, and make fun of myself and be able to enjoy who I am, actually shows people that they can do that in their own life," added Eastburn. "I can get through life and accomplish most of my goals that I set in my life without having arms and legs, so what's your excuse."

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    “Brett Eastburn was a brilliant speaker for the students at Merrillville High School during the week of September 11-13, 2001... He has shown the students at Merrillville how important it is to realize that if they put their minds to it, they can accomplish any goal... Brett could have a great impact on the people in New York and Washington who have recently experienced great tragedy.”

    Merrillville High School, Merrillville, IN

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